Saturday, February 02, 2008


I have known a long time friend who is so much fund of making such designs with different things especially in the computer. A lot of his designs were so catchy that it would right away get your attention. Through this creative talent he is endowed it is so much useful to him way back during or school days but never in my wildest dream that until now his talent has brought him into reaching up his dreams and has put him into a higher rank of his job.

My friend right now is into the business of computers and in the world of the internet, that it amazes me so much finding out that he has already his own website. My curiosity immediately arises of how will I am going to have or to simply own a website too. Through the information I get from him, there were words that I somehow don’t understand yet, I am willing to listen and that I need to have a domain registration.

The idea of having my domain registration intrigues me with a lot of concepts of the things to do to get it all started. The next thing to follow will be a lot more easier for my friend will help me work things out and in no time I’ll be having a website of my own.


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