Tuesday, November 27, 2007

PR Means Nothing?

As what SEO believed PR is one of the most important factor to get high rankings in the Google search engine. It is an indicator of the number of quality links pointing to a site and how well it would rank in the Google search engine. Would you believe PR is now only a crap? I myself too could not believe what has been said on the forum and also in the recorded interview to an alleged former Google employee. Vanessa Fox the founder of Google Webmaster Central admitted on a WebmastersRadio that PR means nothing. Quoting what she said:

"...This really does'nt affect
anything, other than the number showing on the toolbar"
"...what the number is on your pagerank bar is'nt gonna change
your traffic one way or another".

Despite the noise about this PR thing, one of the guys at the forum said " 99% of the people don't understand how to use PR properly. That's why they say things like PR doesn't matter. PR is extremely important with off page optimisation. One of the great, and highly guarded secrets of SEO is the knowledge of the PR mechanism, and how you can use it to improve your rankings."

That is why if you have a PR 4 site just like Tru Green and knows how to optimize it well using PR metric , the page rank will mean a lot to you.

Click WebmastersRadio to listen the recorded interview.


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