Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Google and SEOs

Google always want to give the best results in SERPS for searchers. But, SEOs always try to manipulate the results that is why SEOs and Google are in some ways oppose with each other. Because of search engine spammers, Google is constantly changing their ranking criteria and is always on the lookout for the telltale signs of SEO on any given site. If your site has been SEO'd, that would be considered a bad thing for Google.

Some of the traditional SEO formulaic elements that you may have been taught to use include putting the keyword phrase are: in the domain name, in the file name, in the Title tag, in the Meta description tag, in the Meta keyword tag, in the image alt attributes, in an H1 (or any H) tag, as the first words on the page, in bold and/or italics or a different color, multiple times in the first paragraph or twice on the page, in the copy in every single spot on the page where it might possibly make, sense to use it, and in all the hyperlinks pointing to a page.

A site like the Terminix has to be optimized using SEO artistically in such a way to get out of fomula-SEO mode being filtered by Google.


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