Friday, October 26, 2007

Google's 2007 Q4 PageRank (PR) Update

Good or Bad News? The most awaited Google PR is going on? How was your site effected by the Google PR update? Most of website and blog owners complains about their site's dropping of PR. My new blogs fortunately increased it's PR from 0 to 2. But most of my friend's blogs didn't even see any change of their blog's PR. Some even dropped.

Different speculations were made out of this latest PR update. They said:

It could be that Google changed it PR algorithm so some backlinks don't count as much as they did before, especially backlinks from high PR sites that sell links. But that's just my opinion"

"Google has made adjustments to the way they calculate PR and one of them is that it's become more stricture and harder to get a higher PR now."

"I personally believe that the increase of low end sites on (US)for a few weeks has to do with in fact many sites loosing their page values in the index. How, why, WTH is not for me to say.
I can't find any good reason that justifies a grey bar on some pages.
At first I suspected lack of content, but at the same time empty forum posts and the like that now surprisingly rank well get at least a white bar."

Only my thoughts based on observations. Well, in fact it really looks like either another collateral damage from some weird algorithm factor or indexing problems. "

Google has penalized all sites belonging to one owner, for some reason (haven't found anything obvious but I've poked around a bit to no avail, tried linking a bit less between the sites, sorted out the odd error of no major importance etc). Or is there some other explanation I don't see here?"

Any addition to these speculated reasons for what's happening with PR update?


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