Monday, September 18, 2006

SEO Glossary " T, U, V, W, Y "


Teoma is one of the internets full spidering search engines. Delivers results to parent company AskJeeves.

Term Vectors

Term vectors map associations between keywords based on the frequency and location of term when used in search queries. Apple has a high vector relation to "fresh fruit", but is not to "fruit of the loom".

Theme Engine

A theme engine is a search engine that indexes entire sites as one giant page. They then use only the most relevant keywords found to determine your sites theme. By determining a theme search engines hope to return more accurate results..

Throw Away Domain

A domain name that has little value. These are most often used to test out new search engine optimization tactics and they may get banned..


The part of an HTML page that is displayed on a browser title line (usually at the top of the window).

The text of a web page title is important, because it is the part of the page displayed on search engines as a link. Search engines also give the page title more weight when determining what order to display pages.


An Acronym for Top Level Domain. This would be the .net, .org, .com portion of a domain name..


An addon program for a browser that creates a bar across the browser - most often under the menu line. These often provide search query boxes and other features. Most of the major search engines have Toolbars..


A reference to the number of visitors a web site receives.


The Lycos spider.

Unique User

A single individual website visitor. Visitors (or users) can visit multiple pages within a site. Unique users are important because it is an indication of success of a website. If you have high visitor counts, but relatively low page per user counts, that indicates that people are not finding your site attractive enough to set and read through it. On the other hand, if you have low visitor counts and very high page per user counts, that is an indication your site is providing good information to people and you should do a better job a promotion. High page per user counts indicate good site potential, while low page per user counts indicate you need to rework the site with more content or better displays.


The process of retrieving information from any computer is called Downloading. When one computer sends information to another, it is called Uploading.


An acronym for Universal Resource Locator. The basis of how we find web sites on the internet. URL's can include different forms of communicating with a server: (an HTTP url is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol while a FTP url is a File Transfer Protocol). You can determine how you are connecting with a site, by looking at the beginning of a url for the HTTP, FTP, or other protocol identifier. Most websites are located on http servers and begin with HTTP://.

In the context of search engines, URL's are important because they contain entities which the search engine may or may not like. For example, your domain may include keywords related to your website.

URL Submission

The process of submitting a webpage to search engines.

User Agent

Each time a web browser or other client connect to a web site, they report a USER_AGENT. Common user agents include Netscape, Opera, and Internet Explorer. In the context of Search Engine Robots or Spiders, a CGI program can read the USER AGENT and deliver custom content to that user or robot. The User Agent can also be included in a robots.txt file to allow or deny access to the website.

Viral Marketing

Any program that results in customers or program members promoting the service for you..

Virtual Domain

A website setting on its own domain name. For example this web site is located on the Virtual Domain Some web sites are hosted by other domains such as is my personal web site hosted by my ISP.


A large search engine owned by Excite


It started out as referring to specific content management software (blogger), and has transitioned into a description for a wide range of personal pages, journals, and diary type setups..


A search that provides the company name, address, and contact information of a visitor to a site. Whois lengthens the log analysis duration considerably..

Word Scrambled

Randomly sorting the words on a page is called word scrambling. A word scrambled page can be submitted to search engines for high ranking, yet the page will be unreadable by a human. By using cloaking, stealth, or other techniques, a web master can hide the scrambled page from all but the search engine spider.


One of the oldest site directories on the net. Currently uses Inktomi for webpage results.


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