Friday, June 08, 2007

SEO convention

paid review:

It’s cool to be having a lot of knowledge about SEO’s concepts, ways, opportunities, etc. If you know a lot about SEO , you could generate more income if you do.

Do you know how to promote your website in such a way of boosting your popularity and getting high ranks in search engines? If not, there are lot of SEO workshops that can help you gain how to do it. I knew a convention that is soon to be happening. Perhaps you could join. MegaSniper is an SEO Workshop that will be held on JULY 19th at OREGON CONVENTION CENTER, PORTLAND, OREGON. Facilitators for this one-day event are Garry Egan and Scott Hendison, two top-ranking and expert-level SEO professionals. Registrations are only limited to 100 trainers so grab the opportunity now before it will become too late.

MegaSniper SEO workhop can help you build ranking SEO skills such as Keyword research, link building, analyzing your website and most of all how to generate more revenue from your ecommerce business. You will also have the chance to meet leaders of SEO industry and make some new contacts. Meet as many people as you can. Be open, friendly , learn and share what you have learned from this prestigious MegaSniper event.


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