Thursday, June 07, 2007

Minalyzer Lite Site Search

Paid review:

For all the internet surfers. There comes a powerful search tool that may enhance your website if you do have a website yourself. Minalyzer Lite Site Search is a tool that supports user searches by indexing data from combinations of databases, file systems and websites.

I have tried it myself and I found this tool great. With its Standard search functionality, advanced query options, targeted searches in single or multiple index collections, summarized and highlighted results and allowing the search by field or location within my website would make me no longer want for any other tool but only for this. Minalyzer Lite Site Search alone.

For me a good search tool is the one that is user-friendly. The tool which i can fully customize depending on the theme of my website. Minalyzer Lite Site Search . It allows me the option to choose whether I would like the tool to index files directly from a file system, from a dynamic website's database or by crawling the website; or by using a combination of all the three. I could also generate multiple index collections for different parts of my website with this Minalyzer Lite Site Search .

I guess this tool would compete the greatest search tools on the web. I am looking forward to that.


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