Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Make your knowledge sell

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What do you know? Can you put your knowledge into a readable and tangible manual? Don’t hide your knowledge. Why not share them to others while getting money out from it?

The most important key for creating an ecommerce website is to make your knowledge selll. Making good words from what is in your mind can make your website successful. Create an infoproduct yourself, publish and market them In that way, you can help other people by sharing them what you learned and it will make your website grow profitable if you make your knowledge sell.

Other possible ways to make your knowledge sell are selling propositions, crafting a headline that gets a response, pinpointing your customers' interests, direct marketing by ezines, emails, and more and making a proper page layouts. When you make your knowledge sell, make sure you use the right words as for its contents.

Some people may want to know and will even buy the stuff that you already knew. You may want to write a how-to-guide manual, a true-to-life story that might give lessons to the readers, an e-book of your great opinion and etc. Present your wisdom in a fun, easy-reading, person-to-person style. And in a way that makes it easy for the "average" person to follow. So you're already very close to profiting from your knowledge right?


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