Monday, June 25, 2007

Get Links by Commenting on Blogs?

Ever wonder why there are lots of people who spam these comment
sections with worthless posts? I guess they were just misled by the conception that Google will surely count all links on blog comments as an inbound link. Perhaps they didn’t know that most of blog owners install “rel-nofollow” on their blogs. This “rel-nofollow” code stops the Googlebot from following your link. Thus, it will not give an SEO value for your website. Use the firefox extension to point out whether the links in any part of a site are no follow links.

Contributing valuable and insightful comments can build you a nice network of links. It can be a good source of traffic too but not much on SEO value. If you make a valid comments, people will definitely follow the link back to your blog and maybe poke around for a while. If you just go to a few blogs and write, "Hey nice blog", you won't get many followers. If you comment on a blog with virtually no visitors, no-one will see your link to follow through. Commentating on related blogs is a tactic. It will certainly brings traffic if you are selecting the right ones

Don't post on blogs for the link. Rather, post on them to contribute with information that will help readers of the blog and its publisher. No time to write? Then suggest relevant sites/articles about the topic being blogged about.


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