Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Free web site builder tools

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When I was yet a newbie to building websites, I joined free website hosts that offers easy building of website plus a set of free website builder tools. Since I am not an IT graduate, I could not understand what those html tags are. I kept trying free website builder tools. I learned new different things from then.

The first thing I learned before was the drag and drop feature of that free host website. It's really cool to use those free website builder tools. I do not have to be a website builder pro to create my site easily and instantly.

Free website hosting will not make you lucky enough without applying those free website builder tools on your page. A comprehensive set of tools that is. If you would like to promote your website, you may need the following set of tools. VideoWebWizard as a start will help you earn revenue from your website using online videos. Another tool is the Streaming Audio Button Creator With Audio Editor Software And Background Music Bonuses , affiliates tracker, hits counter and much much more.

What is there to hesitate for? You can have a guarantee of making your website a success! You only need all those freebies offered online to make it happen. I now have my website, why not start yours too?


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