Sunday, April 15, 2007

Uppercase or Lowercase ???

When you make html tags for your website, does it have to be in uppercase letters? I was once approached by a friend of mine. He asked me whether he needs to write leisuretime vip in lowercase or Leisuretime VIP with some upper cases in his tags. I didn't know what to answer. I have been working link building for a long time but I was not into optimizing the site with it's tags. As fas as querying the search engines is concerned lowercase and uppercase letters are treated the same except putting quotations to maintain capitalization of words.

Symatically Related Sites

There has been lots of interpolations as to how Search Engines rank websites. One of the factors involved is the ranking through its symantics. Have you heared of the LSI or Latent Symantic Indexing. If you take a research of it you will learn how Google see one website's connection to another based on words. For example Google thinks Collins College - Click Here is related to graduation, schools, libraries than to hobbies, crafts.

In deciding which sites are closely related, just use your common sense. Some of the online tools may be of help also just like Ontology Finder, Overture and Word Tracker.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Content is the king

Are you up to making your website popular? There are many ways on increasing the traffic to your website. First and foremost you have to create a niche that would make it so interesting. Creating good content in your website is really the most important thing you need to consider if you are into boosting your site's seo value. It should contain interesting, original and useful content, and lots of reasons/incentives for your users not only to come back, but to tell others too.

Take for example the case of the site for the leading provider for low-cost online internet credit card processing merchant accounts, the It does have an Alexa rank of 34 9, 36 351. In about a year, it got 1114 links already pointing to it. Care to know what this site offers? It provides ways for merchants to accept credit card payments for both online credit card processing, offline card processing, and both high risk and low risk merchant accounts. No wonder their site is popular because of the products they offered. Admit it credit cards is vital today for any business.