Saturday, February 24, 2007

Orphaned Page

I came across an article stating a problem regarding some dirty tricks on reciprocal links exchange. He recently got reciprocal link request from top sites related to his area. One of the emails stated that his link has been placed to a particular URL and that this page is also linked from his linkpartner’s homepage. When he checked his link from them, he found out that they have only placed his link in an orphan page. What is an orphan page anyway? It is a page that is only accessible by typing it directly into the address bar, no other pages link to it. An orphaned page wont contribute any SEO value especially if the page wasn’t cached by Google. This should be one of the basis that webmasters should consider. Don’t just be satisfied on seeing your link up on their site. If you are after of increasing your sites SE value on Search Engines, be watchful on the value of the links coming in to your site.


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