Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I came accross a forum where seo enthusiasts shared their suggestions of the possible ways of effectively driving traffic to websites. Some ideas may sound absurd but their means to getting traffic was effective. Here is the combined list:

1.Advertise in Google adwords or YPN
2.Exchange links with websites with similar content.
3.Forum signatures
4.Get linkbacks from digg/technorati through posting original content or being the first to publish newsworthy information
5.Posting on Newsgroups
7.Press releases.
8.TV advertising.
9.Website reviews.
11 Get postcards printed and hand them out everywhere
12. Start a email newsletter
13. Sell clothing or other items with your domain on it
14. Submit to directories
15. Digital Point Coop
16. Link Vault
17. Put your site in your email signature
18. Wikipedia
19. Beg, borrow and plead for people to visit your site.
20. Create free web templates with a "designed by" backlink.
21. Create freeware software and submit it to places like for extra traffic and high CTR.
22. Submit and pay to join popular directories. Target ones specific to your website topic if possible.
23. Commenting on popular blogs.
24. Pay bloggers to write about your sites.
25. Tagging
26. Buy text links.
27. Buy adspace on site similar to yours.
28. Referral programs
29. Competitions
30. Give away something *free* for signups or referrals.
31. Have a contest (use viral marketing to spread the word).
32. Send coupons to all of the deal/coupon sites out there like slickdeals, techbargains, etc.
33. Talking to as many friends/relatives as possible, then ask them to tell their friends/relatives, then their's their's...
34. Find the popular videos on YouTube, and post comments about the site there.
35. Do your Technorati tags on every post if you're a blogger.
36. Do a Giveaway
39. Stickers in high traffic areas.


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