Monday, November 13, 2006

Click Fraud Issue

Click fraud is defined as an act of purposely clicking ad listings without intending to buy from the advertiser. It has the intention to make improper charge per click on the ad. In online advertising, clicks can be artificially generated via automated technology methods (such as hit bots) or via manual clicking. It has always been a problem to most of the advertisers as well as the ad publishers. To advertisers it can really be a great loss of profit since they are paying for every clicks made by the clickers. If that click is not legitimate, advertisers will just be paying for nothing. Ad publishers can also be a victim of click frauds. They may have been banned from the program due to an act they aren’t aware of. How this thing happened? It can be that a competitor of the advertiser has made repetitive clicks on the ads or it can be that a user with the same IP as the publisher has clicked the ad from the publisher’s website. Are you familiar with Google Adsense? Ever experienced having been kicked out of Adsense because of this issue? Some people said Google only counts one click per IP. If the clicker with same IP clicks on that ads from same site to where it is published, he will be determined as doing fraudulent clicks.


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