Tuesday, October 31, 2006


To all the seo gurus in the Philippines, here's a good news for you!!! It has been announced that another seo contest in Philippines has just been launched. The contest starts on October 28,2006 and ends February 23, 2007 8:00 PM. This new contest offers bigger prizes than the previous one.

Who can join?

Well, the contest is open to all filipinos as well as the non-filipinos who can be present at the awarding ceremonies. If a non-Filipino should win and he’s not physically present at the event, he is disqualified from the contest. By querying the keyword ituloy angsulong in search engines, you will have the chance of winning big amount of prizes if your entry page happens to be in search engines prominent listings. For more information about the full mechanics and its prizes please click here.

How to join?

If you have your own domain, upload this file to your host. Replace name and contact details with your own, then save as confirmation.html. For free blogs all you have to do is just place the same information (full name and contact details) on your contest entry pages just like this

Owner: Jennifer Baclia-an
Contact info: jbacliaan@yahoo.com

Your website should also contain the following links:

Required Links for LakesideSQL.com

Required Links for LogoDesignExpress.com

Required Links for CPays.com

I joined the largest Search Engine Optimization competition on the web! Play in high quality online casinos at casino en ligne, online kasino, speel spel and other great sites!

For more information about the contest kindly read it here.


Blogger ituloy angsulong said...

I already joined this contest.I just want to try my Seo knowledge. I know it's hard to beat the veterans. Some of them have thousands of inbound and backlinks already. But I'll try to at least be in the first 40 in Google.

I have two entries here.
www.ituloy-angsulong.sacada2.net. Currently no.55 in Google.
My other entry is www.seo-philippines.blogspot.com. It's now on the first page of Msn, but unfortunately it's no.113 in Google.
But it's still a long way to go. what I need now is to build more links related to my site.
Hopefully you'll include me to your links.

7:26 PM  

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