Monday, October 16, 2006

Google Cache

Google allows us to view a snapshot of how each page is being examined as it's bots crawl the web and caches these as a back-up in case the original page is unavailable. The cached content serves as the basis for google in ranking the page of the website. When you click on the cache link, you'll see the date of when google recently cached the page.

If you are promoting your website, make sure it is indexable by search engines. You can also check the google cache manually. On the google search box just type in cache: Why do you have to do it manually when you can do it the easy way? Here it is. Just enter the urls of the pages you wish to check below. In just one click you'll find if all your pages are being spidered by google. If it isn't, you really need to exert more effort in getting your pages into the search engines and that if you really want to increase your site's ranking.


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