Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Last year there were some speculations that links exchange has lost its value. Why? It is inevitable that some of the webmasters put some dirty strategies on gaining backlinks by cheating their linkpartners. What are some examples of bad webmasters? They are those who....

Bury the link to your links page on a single page that takes about five clicks to get to.
2.) Puts your link together with
3,000 outgoing links on the links page.
3.) Promised to link back after you placed them on your site but after you link to them they really wont link back to you.
Removed your link after trading.
5.) Placed your site on links page that is never indexed.
6.) Allows you to fill-up a link exchange submission form then after you filled and submit it , will ask you for a payment.
Using a querystring to display pages themed to your web site. For instance, instead of linking you to www.somesite.com/page.asp, they link you to www.somesite.com/page.asp?id=subject - where both display different pages.

Above are just some of the shady tricks i heared from few of the seos. I am not recommending the abovementioned strategies. However, it somehow opens our eyes to the dark side of link exchanges. It may assist link builders and webmasters in speeding up their processess and in
weeding out the none preferred link partners. Just a piece of advice: " be careful to whom you exchanged links with " .


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