Thursday, October 05, 2006

Checking of Backlinks

It can really be fullfiling if we can find and deliver quantity of backlinks at the right time to our clients. There are instances in which some of the links that can be seen by our eyes but robots cannot or vice versa. If in link acquisition process the linker needs a lot of techniques, what more to a backlinks checking? Below are just some of the tips I can give on how to check backlinks. Feel free to comment if you want to add some.

1.) Manual link checking
2.) Email checking
3.) Using of RLC software
4.) Use of open-source tools

a.) Backlink Analyzer - It will show you how many educational, military, or governmental websites, i.e., those ending with .edu, .mil, and .gov has been linked to you.
b.) RECIPROCAL LINK CHECKER- You can use it when you already knew where your link be located.
c.) Anchor Text Backlink Analyzer - Finds your link to a certain website associated with your anchor text.
d.) Backlink Checker - Generates an organized and comprehensive report of the sites that has been linked to you.
e.) BACKLINK WATCH- It shows anhor texts used and gives information on the quality of links pointing to you. It will also give you the total number of outbound links of the link or page linking to you.


Blogger marvin said...

Hi its me marvin this blog really helps! daghang salamat jen....

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Blogger Guntheraidan said...

nice Blog jen, and thank you for the tips..

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