Thursday, September 07, 2006

SEO Glossary " R "


In the context of search engines, it is the position that a sites entry is displayed in a search engine query results.

Rate Card

A sites list of fees for advertising and placement options..


The process of resubmitting a web page or web site to a search engine or directory. This is often done to update a listing because of content changes, the page has moved, or the page has been removed. It can also be done after updating or optimizing a page to acquire better rankings.


A company that sells names associated web address queries. This is mainly for corporate brand name protection. Some search engines now use that system to generate search results. Companies can buy their Real Name and their name will be the first one returned for that search query. For example, Coke-Cola could buy Coke and have their webpage returned first for any search on Coke.

Recip Link

A link exchange between two sites..

Reciprocal Link

When two websites swap links to point at each other..


The address (URL) of the web page a user came from, before entering another site. Each time a user clicks (selects) a new HTML link on a web page, most browsers report a "HTTP-REFERER" string to the new site. Web hosts can record these "referer strings" in a log file for usage by a web site.

In the context of search engines, these referer strings are a powerful way to determine what searches users used to enter your website. As part of a referral string from search engine, the search terms a user typed in will be included.

Some img tag counter style logging software can also record referral strings.

Refresh Tag

Meta Refresh tag reloads a page at a set time.


The act of submitting a website to a directory for inclusion (such as registering with Yahoo).

Results Page

A page at a search engine that displays the results of searches. After the user types in a search query, the page that is displayed, is call the results page. The order of results on the results page, is called the rankings..


A program that automatically does "some action" without user intervention. In the context of search engines, it usually refers to a program that mimics a browser to download web pages automatically. A spider is a type of robot. Some times referred to as Webbots.


A file on a web site in the root directory of a website that is used to control which spiders have access to which pages within a website. When a spider or robot connects to a website, it checks for the presence of a robot.txt. Only spiders that adhere to the Robots Exclusion Standard will obey a robots.txt command file

There are several specific fields in a robots.txt such as User-agent specifies which User Agents are allowed to access the site and "Allow/Disallow" specifies which directories a spider may access.


Return On Investment. In relation to search engine advertising, it often refers to sales per lead..


Run of Network. Large advertising brokers such as Burst or Double click, can sell ads across the entire network of member sites..


Run of Site. An ad that can be placed anywhere on a website without restrictions..


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