Sunday, August 13, 2006

SEO Glossary " O "


The act of misrepresenting meta tags or content. The user is presented with a page that looks normal, but it is not the page submitted to search engines. This is similar to cloaking or stealth pages, but it further protects the code by giving code stealers a micky page. The page often looks normal, but there will be something wrong with it to cause it to rank low on search engines (things like bad keyword density or meta tag errors). When someone steals a high ranking page like this and installs it on their own server, they will never get the rankings the real page gets..

Off Page Criteria

When a search engine ranks pages by using data that is not present on the web page itself. This could be the presence of a directory listing, or the number and quality of inbound links to a page..

Open Directory Project

The Open Directory Project (ODP) is a site directory run by volunteer editors. This is one of the great internet success stories of 1999. The ODP is used by Lycos, Hotbot, AOL-Netfind, Netscape Netcenter, and the home base itself. Currently there are around 700,000 hand picked and selected sites in the directory. The first edition of the ODP was known as NewHoo (a play on Yahoo). Netscape provided server space for the NewHoo directory and it was collectively renamed The ODP.

Open Source

Open source software is software that is released with source code. People are allowed to make dirivative works from open source software as long as it is released under the same open source agreement.

Open Text

A formerly large directory of businesses directory that is all but defunct now. Located at:


A program that gives the user choice of participation..


Any program or process that requires a user to take action to stop being included in some action. eg: optout email lists..


Creating a page that is specifically intended to rank well as search engines. Basic optimization includes a descriptive paragraph of the site with keywords near the top, avoiding frames and deep tables that have menus on them.

Outbound Link

A link that points away from your website..


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