Saturday, August 05, 2006

SEO Glossary " M "


An idea that catches on.

Meta Search

A process of searching several databases simultaneously and combining the results.

MetaSearch Engine

A search engine that searches multiple other search engines and combines the results. Currently the top Meta Search Engine is

Meta Tag

Author generated HTML commands that are placed in the head section of an HTML document. Current popular meta tags that can affect search engine rankings, are Meta Keywords, and Meta Description.

Meta KEYWORDS tag is used to group a series of words that relate to a website. These tags can be used by search engines to classify pages for searches.

The Meta DESCRIPTION is used to describe the document. The meta description is then displayed in search engine results.

The Robots Meta Tag is used to control certain aspect of how a search engine indexes the page.

An HTTP-EQUIV meta tag can sometimes be used to issue some server HTTP commands. Most common is a HTTP REFRESH command. Gaining in popularity is a NOCACHE command to thwart server caching of a page.

Other useful tags are the CHAR SET tag to describe the document language and character set. The Author meta tag and the Generator meta tag (software used to generate the page).


A large meta search engine now called


Another meta search engine.

Mining Company

Former name of


A shadow duplicate copy of a web site at a separate url. This allows websites to spread out the resource load on a server. Mirror sites are difficult to get indexed properly by search engine. Search engines view the multiple duplicate pages as spamming.


Intentionally making a spelling mistake in meta keywords or meta tags to catch search engine users who also misspell words when searching.

Multi Titles

Another old defunct trick where authors would double up the titles in a page to increase search engine relevancy.

Multiple Keyword Tags

Using two or three keyword META tags to increase the relevancy of a page. This technique is considered spam by most search engines and should be avoided.


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