Tuesday, June 20, 2006

SEO Glossary " A "

Above The Fold
Above The Fold refers to the part of the screen where a user does not have to scroll to see content. It is a reference to newspapers where the top part of the page is above the fold..

Ad Broker
Someone who does nothing but sell advertisements for websites..

Ad Inventory
The number of page views a site has available for advertising..

A contextual advertising program by Google..

Adult Words
Words that are censored by search engines. These include the FCC's seven naughty words. Search engines often mantain two databases, one with all the bad stuff to keep away from children, and one for the general public. Adult words are called STOP WORDS by the search engines because the indexer STOPS when it finds one of these words..

Googles text based advertising system.

Someone who sets up a business that is inbetween the original manufacturer and the end customer. Often these are not wholesalers, but store fronts. Most often, affiliates do not handle product delivery or customer support..

Affiliate Program
A program that allows websites to sell a product on a commision basis..

AgentName Delivery
The practice of delivering a custom page based upon the user agent string a browser or spider uses to identify itself.

In the context of search engines, it is the mathematical programming system used to determine which web pages are displayed in search results.

One of the most successful and largest search engines. It currently (Sept 99) provides search results for Search MSN.

Anchor Text
The text that is surrounded by a hyperlink (the part you click on in a browser). This text is used by some search engines to rank search results..

AOL Netfind
The America OnLine search engine. The AOL browser defaults to its own search engine at search.aol.com when the search function of a browser is used. Currently using a combination of Inktomi and the Open Directory Project.

Apache Web Server
The leading web server software on the the Internet. Apache is an open source project.

Architext Spider
A spider run by the Excite search engine.

Ask Jeeves
A meta search engine which recently purchased by Go2net.com.

Active Server Pages a server based scripting language that is used to to provide dynamic content and build database driven web sites where the browser may have no scripting at all. Most often used in Cloaking activity.

Authority Site
A site that has many links pointing to it.

ALT tags
Used to display a short text description of an image when the pointer is hovered over it. Using keywords in ALT tags increases keyword density as seen by robots.


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