Monday, June 26, 2006

SEO Glossary " G "

Gateway Domain Names
A domain name who's purpose is to direct traffic to a main site. The Gateway domain often will have major keywords in the domain name to catch surfers searching for a related subject.

Short for GoogleGuy.

A major search engine that started at Stanford U.

Google Bot
Spider operated by

Google Desktop

Downloadable application, providing a search function for files on the user's computer. The future, apparently...

Google Toolbar
Downloadable toolbar for Internet Explorer that allows a user to do a Google search without visiting the Google website.

Google Washing
GoogleWashing is either the accidental or intentional eplacement of an idea, phrase, or word through the search engines. example: "windows" used to be made of glass - now it is an operating system..

A search engine that sells keywords via auctions. Goto has gained in popularity with Webmasters in 1999. Webmasters can bid on keywords. When a user searches Goto and clicks on a search result, Goto then charges the website the bid about for the click

Guerilla Marketing
Highly agressive marketing..

Spider of the Northern Light search engine. Once a popular web destination it has become all but extinct.


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