Sunday, June 25, 2006

SEO Glossary " F "

A small icon that some browsers display next to a bookmark when the site is viewed. It is placed in the root of a website and named "favicon.ico".

Free For All links. These are places that allow anyone to add a link..

Filter Words
This term is often confused with Stop Words. Filter words are common words that search engines remove from web pages before adding them to their databases. These include words along the lines of (the,is,an,of,for,do). As you can imagine, removing these words can save search engines enormous amounts of database space.

An HTML tag construct for making a website appear to have multiple windows within one browser. A frame with links can remain static while clicks cause a different frame to be updated. Most serious websites stay away from frame usage because of browser compatibility problems and search engine problems. Most search engines will not index a framed site.

Frequency Cap
The maximum number of times or length of times a site visitor will be shown the same or related advertisements..

Googles webcrawler/spider has two modes of operation. One is a "deepcrawler" that indexes the entire web once or twice a month. The second mode is a spider that downloads high ranking or frequently updated pages approximatly every 24 to 72 hours. That daily mode is called "freshbot" to reflect the "fresh" tag Google puts next to recently updated pages in search results.


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