Saturday, June 24, 2006

SEO Glossary " E "

Entry Page
Sometimes refers to a single page with a logo and "click here" to enter.

Earnings Per Click.

Earnings Per Visitor..

Error Log File
Web servers run separate logs that show web site errors. These logs can show things like access to robots.txt (if it doesn't exist), and cgi program failures.

Another term coined at WebmasterWorld. It refers to the Google phenom when results appear to be in daily updating. This is between major updates where individual pages are updated, added, or removed from the index.

One of the original big search engines. Excites fortunes have dropped considerably since being purchase by @Home. Excite claims a database of 200+ million pages. Excite recently lost its top service spot on Netscapes Netcenter and AOL's Netfind.


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