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SEO Glossary " C "

An acronym for Common Gateway Interface. CGI refers to programs that are used to produce on-the-fly content for browser delivery. Common CGI programming languages include Perl, C, and PHP.

One of the most common name for a directory on a web server that contains CGI files. These directories are often under heavier access controls than standard directories..

A citation is a reference to an entity. Citation: quote, mention, reference. Citation in the context of the web usually means a HREF link to a location. A Citation count is the count of references to a page on the internet. Some search engines work on the theory that pages with high citation counts are better. In reality this is about 70% true. With modern affiliate and promotion programs, citations can be generated by some sites in mass quantities..

Click Through
When a user selects a hyper text (web page) link. The Click refers to the noise a input mouse makes when a button is depressed. The through refers to the act of going "through" the link. Many web statistics are kept on click-throughs (sometimes abbreviated as Click-Thru). Some advertising systems are based on paying sites when someone actually Clicks-Thru to a new site.

Click Tracking
Counting clicks on links via a redirected counter program that counts the clicks.

When one program is designed to be the director or action computer in a two or more computer communiction. The computer that responds to the client is called a server. A browser is a Client, and a web server is a server.

Using some system to hide code or content from a user, and deliver custom content to a search engine spider. The word Cloak comes from Star Trek where the Klingons were capable of "cloaking" their ships invisible. There are three main types of cloaking: IP based, User Agent based, and the combination of those two. IP based cloaking custom delivers a page based on the users IP address (this can be used to deliver custom language based sites or target groups of users from particular ISP's such as AOL or @home users). User Agent cloaking sends a custom page based upon the users Agent (most often use to take advantage of a particular agents strengths or features). Finally, the combination of Agent and IP cloaking is use to target specific users with specific agents (such as search engines)..

Combined Logfile
A log file format that collects all the data in the Common Log File format, plus the information found in the referrer and user agent fields. Often includes separate scripting error logs as well..

Some search engines Cluster pages from the same website in groups to keep any one site from dominating the top results. A poor mans directory service.

Cold Fusion
A cgi database program from Allaire. Cold fusion uses a file extension of cf or cfm. Also used by some cloaking programs..

Common Logfile
The standard log file format developed by the NCSA. The data contained in a Common Log File is limited by its lack of referrer and user agent information..

Comment Tag
HTML comment tag that marks some html as a comment rather than displaying it in a browser. It is notable in relation to search engines because search engines have been known to index comment based text.

Conversion Rate
The relationship between vistors to sales or actions. If 1 person out of 100 purchases a sites product, it has a conversion rate of 1 to 100..

The text of a web page, visible or not, examined by search robots.

A counter counts hits or page views to a web site. Counter quality and featuers can vary widely. Most common are image tag counters that are activated when anyone views a page with graphics enabled..

Cost Per Action. The website only gets paid for advertising if the user purchases something at the advertisers site..

Cost Per Click. Search engine such as charge sites for the number of users they send them on a per click basis..

Cost Per Lead. If joe makes an inquery in to a house, and you refer him to Sallys Real Estate Agency, then you receive a payment for turning over the lead.

Cost Per Thousand (roman numeral M=1000). CPM advertising models are based upon advertisers purchasing page views in blocks of 1000. If a website displays 7000 page views with banners, the site has just shown 7 blocks. If they are receiving $8 cpm, then they just made $56..

A type of a A HREF="#spider">Spider that will download multiple pages from the same web site. Crawling refers to the fact, that the spider will look for links in the pages it downloads and then walk or crawl down through a web site.

Cross Linking
When a group of domains that are most often owned by the same individual inner links to each other. This is often for the purpose of increasing its popularity with search engines.

CSS Cascading Style Sheets
CSS is used to add simple display styles to web pages. Of the 3 major browsers, Opera is probably the most compliant and has won several CSS awards (

Click Through Rate. The rate at which people click on a link when displayed on a page. The figure most often cited is a percentage of the page view rate. If a page is viewed 10 times and a visitor clicks once, then the CTR is 10%.

Cyber Squatting
When a person buys a domain that is a trademark or near trademark name of some other company.


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