Wednesday, June 21, 2006

SEO Glossary " B"

Business to Business. Products and services designed to be sold to other businesses..

Business To Consumer. Products and services designed to be sold to the general public..

Back Link
Inbound links pointing to a page are referred to as back links.

Backlinks are links pointing at a specific page. Most major search engines allow you to see who is linking to a page or site. That process is called "checking backlinks". Some toolbars have shortcuts for this process. The syntax is often "link:http://example-url-here/"..

Bad neighbourhood
Sharing a server or IP block with sites penalized for using dubious SEO tactics, such as hidden text or link farms.

The act of submitting one page to a search engine, waiting for the search engine to spider it, then replacing the page with another.

Banner Blind
Refers to the process where users become accustomed to banners and don't even notice they are there any more..

If a site uses any unethical tactics (spam) when attempting to rank high in the search engines a site can be banned from appearing in the results and may get blacklisted for life. It is possible to remove the spam from your site and email the search engines in question you can get your site reincluded and ranking again, but this can take a long time.

It started out as referring to specific content management software (blogger), and has transitioned into a description for a wide range of personal pages, journals, and diary type setups..

A search formed by joining simple terms with AND, OR and NOT for the purpose of limiting or qualifying the search. If you search information on monkey training in Peru, and your search also brings back information on lion training and animals in Peru, the Boolean search "monkey AND training AND peru NOT animals" can narrow your search focus.

Abbreviation for robot (also called a spider). It refers to software programs that scan the web. Bots vary in purpose from indexing web pages for search engines to harvesting e-mail addresses for spammers.

Best Of Web. A reference to one search engine that classifies it's core set of sites as "the best of web". BOW is also used as a reference to the BOW TIE theory. It states that the core of the web is a central hub with two off shoots going out in either direction. A graphical map of that appears to look like a Bow Tie..

Bridge Page
A Doorway Page is sometimes referred to as a bridge page.

Broken link
he target page of the link has been deleted or moved; disliked by search engines, always check any link from your pages is and remains live.


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