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In order for your website to rank well in Google, get more traffic and of course have a decent link popularity, you should find ways on how to look for more potential link partners. How are you going to do this?

I made a research on how to find quality link partners. Having lots of powerful tools will not be enough without having knowledge and techniques of some keyword combination to use as search phrase. I found this so-called Little Known Guerilla Tactics for Finding Link Partners wherein you are going to “search within” any search engine using keyword combination that would probably return potential link partners for your website. Simply “search within” keywords that describe your niche plus the terms that would probably used by websites that are actively seeking for link partners. For example, if your site’s theme talks about SEO services then you have to “search within” using the keyword combination “SEO services” + “ add url”. You can also combine your niche’s keyword with url extension for site submission or links pages such as “addlink.html”, “add-url.html”, “add_site.html”, and etc. You can also include some variations by replacing html extension with shtml, htm, asp, php, cfm, and etc. Other way is to combine niche’s keyword together with terms that would return sites associated with specific links manager software or script like "Powered by WSN Links" , "links4trade" , "links manager" , "links engine" , “ link partners” and so forth.

Brad Callen, a guy behind the SEO Elite software shared some keyword combination that would bring back possible link partners. Here are the lists of the keywords to use as search strings on any of your favorite search engine:

"Suggest link" "keyword"
"Suggest a link" "keyword"
"Suggest site" "keyword"
"Suggest a site" "keyword"
"Suggest URL" "keyword"
"Suggest a URL" "keyword"
"Suggest an URL" "keyword"
"Add link" "keyword"
"Add a link" "keyword"
"Add site" "keyword"
"Add a site" "keyword"
"Add URL" "keyword"
"Add a URL" "keyword"
"Add an URL" "keyword"
"Submit link" "keyword"
"Submit a link" "keyword"
"Submit site" "keyword"
"Submit a site" "keyword"
"Submit URL" "keyword"
"Submit a URL" "keyword"
"Submit an URL" "keyword"

"favorite links" "keyword"
"recommended links" "your keyword"
"cool sites" "your keyword"
"cool places" "your keyword"
"reciprocal" "your keyword"
"directory" "your keyword"
"directorys" "your keyword"
"directories" "keyword"
"exchange" "keyword"
"exchanges" "keyword"
"resources" "keyword"
"resource" "keyword"
"links" "your keyword"

"your location" "add url"
"your location" "suggest a site"
"your location" "submit site"
"your location" "links"
"your location" "reciprocal links"
"your location" "directory"

"friends" "keyword"
"partners" "keyword"

"add your url" "keyword"
"submit your url" "keyword"
"submit your site" "keyword"
"add your url" "keyword"
"add your link" "keyword"

"add url" "keywords"
"add site" "keywords"
"add link" "keywords"
"add a url" "keywords"
"add a site" "keywords"
"add a link" "keywords"
"submit url" "keywords"
"submit site" "keywords"
"submit link" "keywords"
"submit a url" "keywords"
"submit a site" "keywords"
"submit a link" "keywords"

"recomended sites" "keyword"
"links" "keyword"
"link exchange" "keyword"
"link exchanges" "keyword"
"link request" "keyword"
"link partner" "keyword"
"recip link" "keyword"
"link" "keyword"

"addurl.html" "keyword"
"addsite.html" "keyword"
"addlink.html" "keyword"
"addaurl.html" "keyword"
"addasite.html" "keyword"
"addalink.html" "keyword"
"submiturl.html" "keyword"
"submitsite.html" "keyword"
"submitlink.html" "keyword"
"submitaurl.html" "keyword"
"submitasite.html" "keyword"
"submitalink" "keyword"

"add-url.html" "keyword"
"add-site.html" "keyword"
"add-link.html" "keyword"
"add-a-url.html" "keyword"
"add-a-site.html" "keyword"
"add-a-link.html" "keyword"
"submit-url.html" "keyword"
"submit-site.html" "keyword"
"submit-link.html" "keyword"
"submit-a-url.html" "keyword"
"submit-a-site.html" "keyword"
"submit-a-link.html" "keyword"

"add_url.html" "keyword"
"add_site.html" "keyword"
"add_link.html" "keyword"
"add_a_url.html" "keyword"
"add_a_site.html" "keyword"
"add_a_link.html" "keyword"
"submit_url.html" "keyword"
"submit_site.html" "keyword"
"submit_link.html" "keyword"
"submit_a_url.html" "keyword"
"submit_a_site.html" "keyword"
"submit_a_link.html" "keyword"

"add-url.htm" "keyword"
"add-site.htm" "keyword"
"add-link.htm" "keyword"
"add-a-url.htm" "keyword"
"add-a-site.htm" "keyword"
"add-a-link.htm" "keyword"
"submit-url.htm" "keyword"
"submit-site.htm" "keyword"
"submit-link.htm" "keyword"
"submit-a-url.htm" "keyword"
"submit-a-site.htm" "keyword"
"submit-a-link.htm" "keyword"

"add_url.htm" "keyword"
"add_site.htm" "keyword"
"add_link.htm" "keyword"
"add_a_url.htm" "keyword"
"add_a_site.htm" "keyword"
"add_a_link.htm" "keyword"
"submit_url.htm" "keyword"
"submit_site.htm" "keyword"
"submit_link.htm" "keyword"
"submit_a_url.htm" "keyword"
"submit_a_site.htm" "keyword"
"submit_a_link.htm" "keyword"
"submitlink.htm" "keyword"
"submitsite.htm" "keyword"

"add-url.php" "keyword"
"add-site.php" "keyword"
"add-link.php" "keyword"
"add-a-url.php" "keyword"
"add-a-site.php" "keyword"
"add-a-link.php" "keyword"
"submit-url.php" "keyword"
"submit-site.php" "keyword"
"submit-link.php" "keyword"
"submit-a-url.php" "keyword"
"submit-a-site.php" "keyword"
"submit-a-link.php" "keyword"

"add_url.php" "keyword"
"add_site.php" "keyword"
"add_link.php" "keyword"
"add_a_url.php" "keyword"
"add_a_site.php" "keyword"
"add_a_link.php" "keyword"
"submit_url.php" "keyword"
"submit_site.php" "keyword"
"submit_link.php" "keyword"
"submit_a_url.php" "keyword"
"submit_a_site.php" "keyword"
"submit_a_link.php" "keyword"
"submitlink.php" "keyword"
"submitsite.php" "keyword"

"add-url.shtml" "keyword"
"add-site.shtml" "keyword"
"add-link.shtml" "keyword"
"add-a-url.shtml" "keyword"
"add-a-site.shtml" "keyword"
"add-a-link.shtml" "keyword"
"submit-url.shtml" "keyword"
"submit-site.shtml" "keyword"
"submit-link.shtml" "keyword"
"submit-a-url.shtml" "keyword"
"submit-a-site.shtml" "keyword"
"submit-a-link.shtml" "keyword"
"submitlink.shtml" "keyword"
"submitsite.shtml" "keyword"

"add_url.shtml" "keyword"
"add_site.shtml" "keyword"
"add_link.shtml" "keyword"
"add_a_url.shtml" "keyword"
"add_a_site.shtml" "keyword"
"add_a_link.shtml" "keyword"
"submit_url.shtml" "keyword"
"submit_site.shtml" "keyword"
"submit_link.shtml" "keyword"
"submit_a_url.shtml" "keyword"
"submit_a_site.shtml" "keyword"
"submit_a_link.shtml" "keyword"

"add-url.cfm" "keyword"
"add-site.cfm" "keyword"
"add-link.cfm" "keyword"
"add-a-url.cfm" "keyword"
"add-a-site.cfm" "keyword"
"add-a-link.cfm" "keyword"
"submit-url.cfm" "keyword"
"submit-site.cfm" "keyword"
"submit-link.cfm" "keyword"
"submit-a-url.cfm" "keyword"
"submit-a-site.cfm" "keyword"
"submit-a-link.cfm" "keyword"
"submitlink.cfm" "keyword"
"submitsite.cfm" "keyword"

"add_url.cfm" "keyword"
"add_site.cfm" "keyword"
"add_link.cfm" "keyword"
"add_a_url.cfm" "keyword"
"add_a_site.cfm" "keyword"
"add_a_link.cfm" "keyword"
"submit_url.cfm" "keyword"
"submit_site.cfm" "keyword"
"submit_link.cfm" "keyword"
"submit_a_url.cfm" "keyword"
"submit_a_site.cfm" "keyword"
"submit_a_link.cfm" "keyword"

Above-mentioned were just few of keyword combination. From my own study of the sites that offers link exchanges, i got the list of top frequently used keywords below :

1 "add your link" + "keyword"
2 "add link" + "keyword"
3 "add your site" + "keyword"
4 "link exchange" + "keyword"
5 "add your URL" + "keyword"
6 "submit your link" + "keyword"
7 "add links" + "keyword"
8 "submit your site" + "keyword"
9 "exchange links" + "keyword"
10 "add new link" + "keyword"
11 "add URL" + "keyword"
12 "add site" + "keyword"
13 "add a link" + "keyword"
14 "add your website" + "keyword"
15 "submit your website" + "keyword"
16 "add a new link" + "keyword"
17 "submit URL" + "keyword"
18 "submit link" + "keyword"
19 "request a link" + "keyword"
20 "exchanging links" + "keyword"
21 "submit a link" + "keyword"
22 "trade links" + "keyword"
23 "submit website" + "keyword"
24 "link requests" + "keyword"
25 "website listed here" + "keyword"
26 "link swap" + "keyword"
27 "add a site" + "keyword"
28 "partner with us" + "keyword"
29 "submit site" + "keyword"
30 "links exchange" + "keyword"
31 "post your link" + "keyword"
32 "submit new url" + "keyword"
33 "suggest link" + "keyword"
34 "add new links" + "keyword"
35 "add your links" + "keyword"
36 "submit website" + "keyword"
37 "submit your page" + "keyword"
38 "suggest a url" + "keyword"
39 "swap links" + "keyword"
40 "add your site's link" + "keyword"
41 "submit your URL" + "keyword"
42 "trade reciprocal links" + "keyword"

If you integrate them all, you can make variety of keyword combination that would bring back quality link partners. There are numerous different ways of collecting linkpartners. You can also use search operators of search engines like "inurl:","allinurl:","intitle:","allintitle:", etc. to make your search more specific. You can also use this online tool known as Inbound Linker.com and start searching for your link partners.


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